AGI 8′ Hay Ring

All AGI Hay Rings may be purchased through Rockin S Ranch. Contact us for pricing and information.

If you use the hay nets and bale feeders, we GUARANTEE to save you money by cutting your hay bill by 1/3.

If not we will buy back the hay net and feeder.

8′ Horse Hay Ring


With the high cost of hay and feed, looking after your equine takes a lot of your time and money. Purchase our 8’ Hay Ring and save a little of both! It is ideal for keeping hay confined for minimal loss. Less loss means less wasted hay. Less wasted hay means less money being spent on feed and less time spent refilling the ring. Our 8’ Hay Ring is veterinarian-recommended, smart and safe choice for your cherished horses. Metal hay rings may corrode and rust leaving sharp, exposed edges your horses could get cut on, sometimes meriting a costly visit from the veterinarian. But AGI’s durable, plastic hay rings will not rust or corrode. Made of 100% recycled HDPE, they feature smooth, rounded edges safe for both you and your horses. Dents in our plastic hay rings are only temporary and should easily pop out and back into shape unlike metal which is susceptible to permanent dents.

  • Keeps hay confined for minimal loss
  • Veterinarian Recommended!
  • Four sections ready to bolt together; hardware included
  • Easily to assemble and move
  • Rust and chemical resistant
  • Ideal for chopped hay
  • Eight eating spaces
  • Holds up to tough animal abuse
  • One-year limited warranty


Part # Diameter Height Weight
F69934H 8′ Overall – 48” 104 lbs



Testimonial sent via Charlene Waddell via facebook –

Put out yesterday and this is DAY ONE! The Cinch Chix net 1300 lbs of money protected with my AGI ring…. Priceless!

Notice there is almost no hay around on the ground.

Day 1


Day 4Agi-8Day4