Cinch Chix Hay Nets

All Cinch Chix Hay Nets may be purchased through Rockin S Ranch. Contact us for pricing and information.

If you use the hay nets and bale feeders, we GUARANTEE to save you money by cutting your hay bill by 1/3. If not, we will buy back the hay net and feeder.

Cinch Net® Slow Feeders Save Time, Improve Health, and Stop Waste

Our slow feeder hay bale bags and hay nets control the amount of hay your horse is able to consume at any one time. The horse grazes in a more natural way, just like God intended.

Use the Cinch Chix Hay Net….Save your valuable time. Eliminate the waste. Improve your horse’s health. .

Choose the Best Slow Feeder Nets for Your Needs

The Cinch Net slow feeder hay nets are designed for use with round bales, square bales, or even hay by the flake. These nets are easy to manage and get you at least 94 percent out of each hay bale. Our hay feeders for horses are veterinarian approved and university tested*, so you can feel confident that you’re giving your horse the very best with a slow feeder hay net from Cinch Chix.

Get the Most Out of Your Hay with a Square Bale Feeder

Using square bale feeder increases yield and immediately reduces waste. To achieve and maintain a healthy weight for your horse is a snap with Cinch Chix! Round-the-clock grazing cuts down your feeding time and effort and is more natural for your horse.

Large Bale Cinch Net 6′ (Original, SF, SFX)
Large Stock Cinch Net (2 1/2″)

Note: If your round bales are 4′ x 4′ or smaller you should buy our 4′ bale net. The 4′ net WILL NOT fit bales that are 4′ x 5′ or 5′ x 5′. Our 6′ net will fit up to a 6′ x 6′ foot bale, as well as smaller bales such as 4′ x 5′ or 5′ x 5′ bales. Using a 6′ net on these sized bales will not cause a safety issue or impede your animal’s ability to eat from the net.
West Coast Bale Cinch Net(Original, SF, SFX)
Small Bale Cinch Net (Original, SF, SFX)

Our Small Bale Cinch Net is designed for use with smaller hay bales and fits bales up to 65 lbs.
Our West Coast Bale is designed for use with larger, 100+ lb., 3-string bales used on the West Coast.

Attaching your Cinch Net to a ring feeder
Our new Cinch Strap makes the cinch net even easier to use. It took 1 person 3 minutes to put the net on this round bale. This feeder reduces waste by as much as 55%!

Cattle on the 1 3/4″ Cinch Net